Hi Friends,

Can you believe it, I’m here celebrating 16 years of bookish talk. When I first began this blog I sort of thought I’d do this for a while never imagining I’d still be writing blog posts about book news, wishlist, favorites, etc. years later.

Our book community has definitely changed but I’m grateful that so many of those blog friends who I’ve been following all this time are still in it. I feel like I don’t venture to read new blogs as much as I used to but I blame that on not enough time.

Now typically on my bloggiversary, I would be going off to the bookstore for a coffee, a treat and some book shopping but this year no bookstore visit. How I miss bookstores. Luckily there is so I can do a bit of shopping and support some indie bookstores while I’m at it.

As always I thank you for spending your time visiting with me. I’m going to take the rest of the week off from the blog to hopefully catch up on some reading. And, like I said, book buying. Have a wonderful week!


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