It’s quite the occasion here at Casa Bookgirl. Today my blog turns 15 years! It’s so hard to put in writing how much this blogging community means to me. I feel like even when I may be a bit absent from blogland you guys are always so understanding and we can pick up where we left off as books and stories continue to bring us together.

I want to thank everyone who reads, comments or sends me emails and books. I know you are all super busy too so I appreciate you taking the time to visit and share your love of books.

Now if only I could have you guys over so we could share a cake, drinks and bookish games!

Thank you again you guys!

I was out all yesterday having fun with one of my girlfriends who was in town visiting so I need to catch up on some housework today but I think in honor of my bloggiversary I may just have to order a book or two. That sounds like a good plan right? I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and more book talk soon.


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