Blank Books

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I also love journals. Just like I look forward to starting a new novel, I can say the same for my journals. I am getting down to the last pages in one and I’m thinking of what my next book will look like.

I love Moleskines. Who doesn’t, but I also like journals with handmade papers and/or funky covers. By the way, if you love Moleskines you must visit Moleskinerie. My only requirement for a journal is that the pages be blank, no ruled-pages for me. This way I can doodle, paste pictures, etc.

I could make my own journals, we do have enough decorative and art paper in our house to start an art school, but I like to buy them too. I use them for my thoughts, book quotes, anything and everything, and I usually have several journals going on at once.

So as I’ve been looking around for a new one I’ve found some fun ones. Take a look at these and these. Aren’t they pretty?