Big Thank You!

A big virtual hug to all of you who stopped by to wish me a happy bloggiversary. Seriously, you guys know how to make a Bookgirl feel special. I know I’ve been slacking off in my blog visiting and posting but it’s because I’m in Dallas this week and have been busy with bookbinding and family stuff. I look forward to catching up with you guys to see what you’ve been reading and what I need to add to my wish list.

And, I haven’t forgotten that I need to announce a couple of winners of my handmade journals but I’m saving that for tomorrow so stay tuned. Speaking of handmade books, I finally finished my big book I was working on a couple of months ago. My camera equipment is in Austin though so I’ll post pictures over the weekend. Of course, I’m working on another project and this time it’s a woven boards binding technique. I’ll keep you posted on how that one comes along. I’ve already seen some finished journals with this binding and they are pretty.

Remember I said I’d probably go visit the library when I was back in Dallas? Well, I did. I spent a good part of the evening sitting in one of those comfy couches and with a hazelnut latte in hand. Ah, that was very nice.

I also picked up some books and even an audio book. Yes, I’m giving audio books another chance. I am going to try and listen to it when I’m busy at my craft table making journals. Here’s what I got:

I’m off now to get started on one of these books.

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