We had a fabulous time in Boston. I knew I was going to like the city and I wasn’t disappointed. I did some book shopping, sightseeing and spent a day in Salem. My husband was at his conference most of the time so I explored to my heart’s content.

Our B&B was only a short walk away from this bookstore. Do I know how to plan a trip or what? Loved it. It has a bit of everything and an amazing selection of magazines.

On Friday I did a tour of the Back Bay area. I learned a bit about the history and architecture of Trinity Church, Old South Church, Commonwealth Avenue and the Boston Public Library. I also visited the Mapparium, which is a must for any lover of maps or geography.

That evening we dined on paninis at Scoozi and we walked around Newbury street (where our B&B was located). Boutiques, restaurants and galleries, oh my. Seriously, you could spend days looking at all of the shops on this lovely street.

Saturday was my day in Salem. What can I say, I love all things to do with the supernatural and this town has more than enough to satisfy my curiosity. I saw notices for séances, tarot card readings, books on spells and amulets to wear. I wanted one of everything but I refrained.

I also found the most amazing little bookstore, Derby Books. There were stacks of books everywhere. Move one book and a stack may topple over you but what fun. A bit disorganized but that’s part of a booklover’s adventure quest. Oh yes and I also go to visit the House of Seven Gables.

On Sunday we decided to tour a bit of the Beacon Hill area, see Faneuil Hall, and some of the financial district. Along the way we found a huge Borders Bookstore that we had to visit. And, I found a Paper Source!

Along with the little souvenirs, mainly bookmarks, I bought the following books: The House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Twisted Branch by Chris Blaine, Haunted Happenings by Robert Ellis Cahill, The Dark House by John Sedgwick and Fish, Blood and Bone by Leslie Forbes. I see a trend of creepy books.

I have lots of pics to share but I’ll have to post those on the weekend along with more tidbits on the places I saw. Now to go check what everyone has been up to.