Hello Friends – It’s been a while. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying nice weather, fresh flowers and other signs of spring. I feel like I’ve been dream-walking through my life. Work, caring for my mom, and repeat.

I appreciate all the well wishes for my mom. I feel so bad for her because shingles has been so much worse for her than even her hip surgery. Unfortunately, she’s still dealing with some pain, which in turn has affected the use of right hand. All of this means she can’t use her walker so she can’t walk without me assisting her.

I’m still providing a lot of care for her but we are starting to see some improvement and hopefully that will continue. So my public service announcement, is that if you are eligible for a shingles vaccine, think about getting it.

On top of this, I was having some issues with my right shoulder and come to find out, I have a rotator cuff tear! Not what I need as I have to help my mom get up, etc. I’m hoping I can put off surgery so wish me luck with PT.

Where does this leave reading and book stuff. I’m very happy to say I have started reading again. I have finally gotten my reading mojo back although I will say I don’t have a lot of time for reading. Or I should say, sometimes I can’t stay awake long enough to make a dent in my books.

The start of spring though has made me feel more positive and I’m learning to accept things as they are right now and not give into to frustration so much. It’s not easy but I’ve been turning a lot to my journaling to help me through this time.

I’m not promising a full return to blogging but hopefully you’ll see me around a bit more. Tell me how you’ve been doing and if you are excited about spring.

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