At the Bookstore

Friday we headed out to the bookstore to chill out and I came across some stuff to share.

  • If you want to use your books to decorate a room, check out the February issue of Real Simple magazine. There’s an article on making photo frames from old books, using books as shelving and even tips on starting your own lending library at work. I don’t know that I’d trust any of my co-workers with my books but thought that was kind of neat. Granted I think lots and lots of books on shelves decorate a room just fine but I did like the idea of using book covers in photo frames.
  • I also found the January/February edition of Pages Magazine. I am curious, are they still publishing? I haven’t received this edition even though we are almost in February and the emails I’ve sent to them have gone unanswered. One look at their web site and the current issue listed is last year’s. Then I found out that they filed Chapter 11. Any one have any idea what’s going on?
  • In Pages I found an ad for Literatease. Cute t-shirts with literary quotes.

I didn’t buy any books but I was tempted to “save” a child. While I was browsing I heard a little boy ask his mom if she would buy him a book. She wasn’t paying much attention to him and he started begging her. She told him she’d take him to the library to get the book and he asked if he could buy it there. She explained that the library was for borrowing and the little boy continued to ask for the book. Finally he told her that if she bought him the book she wouldn’t have to buy him another book for five months! I swear that was so cute and sad. I had to walk away quickly before I stepped in and intervened.

We also went to see Pan’s Labyrinth. Wow. I loved this movie although I wasn’t expecting some of the violence. Another thing that was interesting for me was that I typically read along with Spanish subtitles, I guess I’m curious about the translation, but with this movie I stopped doing that after about 15-20 minutes. I know a movie translation can’t be word for word, as there’s not enough time for the audience to read along, but I think that because this movie deals with a fairy tale the beauty of telling such a story is a bit lost in translation. Anyway, a great movie and one I’ll be adding to the DVD collection.

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