Around the World

So we’re all grounded pretty much but that doesn’t mean we can’t travel via our books right? Did you know that this week there are two important book dates?

First, World Book Day is this week and to highlight some world literature, Amazon is giving away copies of some international bestsellers. I was particularly excited about the books set in Germany and South Africa.

Then, this coming Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day. Of course thanks to COVID-19 there’s no trip to the bookstore and this date has now been moved to August but you can still support your indie bookstores by visiting By the way did you see the t-shirts on the Independent bookstore day link? So cute.

I’ll be supporting international book day by enjoying the latest edition of World Literature Today. I’ve already skimmed through it once but need to go back and mark the books I want to get. Hope you guys are having a great start of the week!

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