Around the World

Recently, literary critic John Carey complained that foreign literature is neglected in Britain. Experts have selected 10 overseas writers that should not be missed. Actually, I don’t think they have been “neglected” solely in Britain. I have never heard of these writers either.

I know I’m taking note of them and hope to find some of their books here. Coming up in September my foreign authors book group selects books for next year so I may have some new authors to suggest.

Our group has read writers from many countries. Some of our favorites have been J.M. Coetzee, Haruki Murakami, Barry Unsworth and Kazuo Ishiguro.

So, have you read any of the writers mentioned in the list? Can you recommend a wonderful writer who is not from the U.S. who you think I should definitely read? Let me know. I do need to work on my nominations list and it’s never too early to start compiling it.