Around the Blogosphere

I had every intention of telling you about some of the books I’ve recently finished but we went out for a long walk this evening (around the lake) so now I’m kinda tired. I’ll save that post for tomorrow but check out these cool links around the blog world.

  • Literary Feline is celebrating her bloggiversary and look at how she’s celebrating it – a big giveaway!
  • If you want to find a way to add more reading time to your day, check out Books on the Nightstand. I especially like suggestion #8. I mean, I get allergies when I clean so I might as well as give up all housework right? heh.
  • Look at these cool book labels. I don’t think I’d use them as my shelves can get a bit messy and I like that. Still they do make for a great pic don’t they?
  • The Daggers are out! I’ve read one of the winners and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.
  • I made the mistake of checking out the Novel Challenge blog and now I am being tempted by the BangBang Challenge (I hate war films but find myself reading a lot of books set during war times) and the Japanese Literature Challenge (I missed it last time and would hate to miss it again). Ok, I’m going to think about these… what do you think? Should I join?

I’m off to wind down with some good books.

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