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I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, we sure did. Last week we celebrated our 20th anniversary so my husband and I took off Friday to have a bit more time together to celebrate. It’s still so surreal to me that what began as a friendship via letters turned into a long distance dating relationship and eventually turned into marriage! If it wasn’t for the pandemic we probably would have enjoyed a big trip this year (a new country to discover) but well, what can we do.

So instead our celebration was to do some of the things we enjoy. We went to the bookstore, got some yummy drinks and then we also stopped by World Market to get some German chocolates. We talked about our dreams for the future which course included a lot of travel plans.

I did make one bookish purchase this weekend and that was the latest Bella Grace – The Cozy Issue. I am all about creating a cozy environment. It is so needed after a stressful day at work to be able to wind down with books, journals and things that make you happy. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. It’s part of my meditation.

On the reading front I have started books for all of the November reading events and I’ll tell you more about those in my next post. How about you, did you have a good weekend? Did you buy any new books?

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