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I hope you all had a great weekend. It was so nice to have an extra day thanks to the Labor Day holiday. There are never enough hours to do all that I want but at least I was able to get some stuff done around the house. We also went to Half Price Books which was such a fun visit. It’s been well over a year since we’ve been so it was nice to stop in. We had some books we were getting rid of so that was the main purpose but of course it’s always fun to see what they have.

I was interested in looking for some vintage books or those Reader Digest books with cool covers but I didn’t see any. My husband found two photography books and I did pick up a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth. I had no idea that Warby Parker has published books and this was a neat edition plus I’ve never read this story.

Later we also went to Book People and I loved that masks were mandatory to go in. Still a bit too crowded for my taste so we didn’t stay too long. And, they no longer have a magazine section. Or at least it wasn’t were it normally was. Because we knew our time was limited I didn’t even go upstairs but I went to look at the classics wall and translated fiction section. I ended up with Wish Her Safe at Home by Stephen Benatar. I love the cover and the book just sounds really good.

Finally we stopped in quickly at Whole Foods next to Book People and we treated ourselves to carmelita bars. These are so delicious. So today I put on some soft music, had my carmelita bar and The Crying Child by Barbara Michaels. It was the best afternoon.

I love a cup of coffee and a treat. I do enjoy some soft classical music in the background but I just realized I do enjoy some ambient sounds like those from Relax Melodies app. At one point I had the sound of rain in the background and then this story, let me tell you I was definitely feeling like I was in the middle of the woods waiting to hear some other scary noises. Do you like to enjoy a treat or listen to music when you read?

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