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Well, it’s been a while and I really didn’t mean to take a break but last week got a bit crazy at work and with home stuff but the biggest thing was that we got our COVID-19 Vaccine, 2nd dose! I was a bit out of it this weekend and unfortunately didn’t really feel like doing anything (not even reading!) but I’m feeling all back to normal and just so happy to have that done.

I’ve mentioned before that even though we may be vaccinated our plan is still to remain very cautious and be responsible. That said, I’m very excited about a potential bookstore visit in our near future!

Speaking of bookstores, I totally missed out on Independent Bookstore Day over the weekend but I’ll make up for when we do get to visit in person next month.

Anyway friends, I hope you are all doing well. I feel like the month is almost over and I’ve barely talked poetry but I’ll be sure to do a monthly report and catch you up on that. For now, I’m really enjoying Shadow Over the Fens by Joy Ellis. Although I admit, it was a bit since I read the first book and this is the second in the series and had to try to remember what happened in the first one as I feel like this one doesn’t dwell too much on the backstory. At least not so far.

So back to the book for now and more book talk soon!

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