Against A Brightening Sky

againstbrightsky“In an age of empires, princes were raised to rule, and often, to fight and die.”

Against A Brightening Sky
By Jaime Lee Moyer

The Delia Martin mystery/paranormal series comes to a conclusion with this third book. The story opens during the spring of 1919 and Delia is now more immersed in the world of magical arts with the help of her friend Isadora. She also continues to help her husband, Police Captain, Gabriel Ryan on his cases but this time around they may be in over their heads.

As the couple attends a St. Patrick’s Day parade the festivities quickly turn to chaos when gunmen start shooting into the crowds. There is confusion and fear as they try to get out of harm’s way and all along Delia knows there is a new ghost following her.

Who is this ghost seeking her attention? The couple and their friends will soon be in charge of keeping a young woman who can’t remember anything safe but the ghosts and other entities that begin to show up lead them to believe that she must be someone important.

The standout characters in this series are Delia and Gabriel. While the author does a good job of incorporating other characters and bringing back favorites, I think that by telling the stories in alternating chapters from the viewpoints of Delia and Gabriel, it is much easier to see the growth these two have had since the beginning of the series.

I was surprised to find out that this book was the end of the series. I feel like there were more stories that could have been explore and I thought Delia and Gabriel still had more to share with the readers. Their love story hasn’t been easy and they’ve had their share of grief.

The paranormal aspects of this mystery were interesting and there is one character that is very creepy and I thought gave this mystery a more somber mood than previous entries. All in all a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Source: Library copy

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