A Very Bookish Day

Today has been a most wonderful bookish day. I started off my morning by going to an annual book sale hosted by a local PTA and walked away with a bag filled with books. The sale is going on through the weekend so I’m going to save my book finds post until I go back for another round of book shopping.

After lunch I hurried off to my bookbinding class where I spent most of the afternoon sewing the 25 signatures for my chunky book. I worked a bit on the spine and next week I get to work with leather for the covers. Woot!

The big event though was going to listen to Billy Collins speak at a local university campus. I know I’ve talked about how much I admire his poetry so finally getting to hear him read his poetry was really quite a thrill. He read poems from his latest book, The Trouble With Poetry, and had the audience laughing and nodding their heads at the wit and poignancy found in his words.

He read haikus, read poems about dogs, and even read a poem about the fanciful names of gated communities. Seriously, if you have never read any of his poems please do so. After the poetry reading I got in line with one of my favorite books, Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes, and got him to sign it for me. I was pretty star-struck so I think I only managed to say something about being thrilled to be there.

I’m off to wind down from my bookish high and so I leave you with a Collins poem to enjoy.

You know that parlor trick.
Wrap your arms around your own body
and from the back it looks like
someone is embracing you,
her hands grasping your shirt,
her fingernails teasing your neck.

From the front it is another story.
You never looked so alone,
your crossed elbows and screwy grin.
You could be waiting for a tailor
to fit you for a straitjacket,
one that would hold you really tight.

~ Embrace from Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes by Billy Collins

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