A Shot, A Key and An Inn

My mystery reading has had me following all kinds of clues lately and I love trying to figure out whodunit. Granted I don’t always succeed but that doesn’t take away from my enjoyment one bit either. So want to hear about the books?

shotgirl.jpgThe first one is Shot Girl by Karen E. Olson. If you’ll remember Karen visited my blog on her blog tour recently and this is her latest Annie Seymour book. It has a lot of the hallmarks that as a follower of the series I enjoy. There’s action, humor, and a touch of snark.

In this installment Annie finds herself a suspect in the death of her ex-husband, she’s reassigned to the social services beat and everywhere she goes she keeps running into the male stripper she met when her ex was murdered. Want to know more – here’s my full review without spoilers, of course.

Karen has a new series that will be coming out next year and if it’s anything like this one then I’m sure I will enjoy it a lot.

blackstonekey.jpgNext up is a story that takes the reader to 1795 England when war is raging across Europe and England faces the threat of invasion. The Blackstone Key by Rose Melikan is a story about secrets, conspiracies and a young woman caught up in all of this mayhem.

I admit the secret codes and spies element didn’t really work for me. But I don’t typically like those types of stories too much to begin with. What I did like was the setting and the main character, Mary. I found her genuine and it was just interesting to see how her character develops. Here’s my full review.

And, this book also counts as one of my choices for the First in a Series challenge. Yay, I may actually finish this challenge.

jerusaleminn.jpgFinally, I’ve also visited with another series which I’ve been enjoying since I started reading it a couple of years ago. The Jerusalem Inn is the fifth installment in the Richard Jury series and it is so good. Actually, I think it’s the best one I’ve read yet.

A white Christmas is still dreary for Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury that is until he meets a beautiful woman. Unfortunately fate is not on his side and soon he’ll be investigating murders. Here’s my full review.

Oddly enough I’m reading another mystery right now which also takes place at Christmastime. I’m not one for seasonal reading really (unless it’s Halloween) but it’s funny how this has worked out. Anyway, I’ve just started Voices by Arnaldur Indridason for my book group meeting later in the month. So far it’s started off with a great premise, someone killed Santa.

Now while I normally don’t read two mysteries at once, I think I’m going to look through my shelves and find another one just because I really want to try and finish the First in a Series Challenge or the 2nds Challenge. I’m so close.

So, got any good mysteries to recommend?

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