A New Favorite

I think I’ve found a new favorite author and what’s funny is that I’ve only read one of her books and am just now a few chapters into another of her novels but read this and tell me you aren’t intrigued?

“Dr. Weiss, at forty, knew that her life had been ruined by literature. In her thoughtful and academic way, she put it down to her faulty moral education, which dictated, through her conflicting but in this one instance united agencies of her mother and father, that she ponder the careers of Anna Karenina and Emma Bovary, but that she emulate those of David Copperfield and Little Dorrit.

But really it had started much earlier than that, when, at a faintly remembered moment in her early childhood, she had fallen asleep, enraptured, as her nurse breathed the words ‘Cinderella shall go to the ball.’ The ball had never materialized.”

thedebut.jpgDr. Weiss is the main character of The Debut by Anita Brookner. From what I’ve read so far, her parents were sort of there in the background as she was growing up but they were more concentrated on themselves so she grew up escaping into the world of books.

I’m at the part now where she’s moved on to college and out of her parent’s house and she’s trying to be an independent woman. It’s interesting how her parents react to her newfound freedom. They want to hold her back and somehow they still manage to manipulate her. I’m very curious to see how Ruth will break free of what she believes has held her back and how she will “grow up” in this story.

Last year I read Hotel Du Lac and loved it and it appears that The Debut will also be a keeper for me, at least I hope so. I’ve been jotting down sentences I like and am just taking my time with this book.

How about you, have you found a new favorite author? Tell me about them.

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