A Little Detour

We were on our way to a party on Saturday and instead of turning on the road we had to we kept going to the 75% Off Bookstore. We don’t get out there too often but as we were in the same area we couldn’t resist.

I’m so glad we did because I found a bunch of Inspector Banks books for $2.49 each or less. They also had several tables of clearance books, 99 cents each, so the $5 regular priced books suddenly seemed expensive. Ha, ha.

Here’s some of the other loot:
The Underground Man by Mick Jackson
Lovesong by Nikki Gemmell
The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville

I don’t know anything about these books aside from the blurb on the back but sometimes that’s the best part isn’t it? Oh and we did make it to the party and I left my books in the car.