A List of Books

I was feeling kind of blah today and it probably didn’t help that I had to listen to some of my friends and co-workers talk about vacations. I won’t be taking a vacation for a while yet so I was just feeling a tiny bit jealous. Sigh. So to get out of my blah mood I went to the library and checked out the list of new books.
Here are some of the titles I’m looking forward to:

  • In the Tenth House by Laura Dietz. From Booklist: This unusual literary gothic centers on late Victorian society’s fascination with spiritualism. Dr. Ambrose Gennett takes a progressive approach to mental illness with his psychoanalytic experiments, which alarms his more tradition-bound colleagues. Oh, spiritualism and Victorian times are my kind of thing.
  • Consequences by Penelope Lively. From Booklist: The historical event around which this judiciously crafted family saga revolves is the chaotic Battle of Crete, in 1941, which resulted in an Allied defeat, and, in Lively’s sensitive rendering, the death of her artist hero. I really liked The Photograph by Lively and haven’t read anything else by her so I’d like to remedy that.
  • A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans. From Booklist: Perched precariously on the precipice between horror and psychological drama, Evans’ first novel explores the notions of demons–how real they are and how real we are able to make them. I like scary stories.
  • Imposture by Benjamin Markovits. From Publishers Weekly: Bookish Eliza Esmond, having forever lived in the shadow of her prettier sister, has a chance encounter with famed writer and legendary lover Lord Byron outside a London bookstore and is thrilled when their brief conversation turns, over time, into his pursuit of her. Who doesn’t love reading about bookish heroines?

These are just some of the books that I’ll be eagerly awaiting. What about you? Any books you are looking forward to this Summer?

My mood is much improved and I did check out one book. I know, I’m showing a lot of restraint aren’t I? I got Mark of the Lion by Suzanne Arruda.

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