A Good Mystery

So what comfort books did I read last week? I was lucky to have discovered a new mystery series set in the 1800s in England, Death at Bishop’s Keep is the first in the series by Robin Paige. I’m sure you’ve heard me say before how much I love novels set in Victorian times and this one did not disappoint.

It has a feisty heroine who writes penny-dreadfuls, a Lord who spends his free time learning about photography and oh yes, a murder. Isn’t it odd that I find murder mysteries to be my comfort reads?

I’ve loved Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight Mystery series and am anxiously awaiting the latest book. Actually it’s out but as I’m staying away from the library for the summer I can’t get it yet. Talk about a real test, besides once I read it I’ll have to wait a whole other year for another book. I need to pace myself.

I have also read a couple of the Anne Perry Thomas Pitt mysteries and found them enjoyable although the characters haven’t grown on me as much as Thompson’s characters have.

So my question dear readers is, have I missed any other mysteries set in Victorian times? If so please let me know because I must get them.