A Delicious Lunch

Today for lunch I stopped at a library book sale. Now that’s what a call a great lunch hour. It was a small sale but I still managed to find some good stuff. Here’s what I got:

Scribbling The Cat by Alexandra Fuller. I read Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight a couple of years ago and have been wanting to read this follow-up.

A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters. My mom is always going on about how great the Brother Cadfael PBS series is so I’m looking forward to checking this out.

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. This is one of the next year’s choices for my Foreign Authors book group.

Perfectly Pure and Good by Frances Fyfield. According to Publisher’s Weekly this is a nimble meld of ghost story, moral fable and psychological drama. Sounds good.

A Death in Vienna by Frank Tallis. A murder mystery set in the stormy, atmospheric Austrian capital at the turn of the 20th century. I had to scoop this one up because you know how much I love historical mysteries.

A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. Am I the last person who hasn’t read this?

Frida by Barbara Mujica. What can I say but Viva Frida!

All this for $3.25. Not bad at all.

Also thank you to everyone who shared their Amazon experiences. I did hear back from them and they have already sent me another copy which I should be getting on Friday. So far their return process seems quite easy. I’ll keep you posted.