A Bit of This & That

So I’m still just reading one book at a time and I think the reason is that because I know I’m going on vacation soon I don’t want to take books with me that are half way read or leave lots of books behind that are in all stages of being read.

Currently, I’m reading Testimony by Anita Shreve which I’m actually glad it’s the only book I’m reading as there are so many characters and changing viewpoints that I think this is one that probably wouldn’t hold up too well if I read it in spurts.

The story is about a sex scandal that breaks out at a boarding school and the aftermath of what happens to students, parents and basically the town. I’m nearing the end and I’ve liked the story although I have to say I’m probably just not a fan of the multiple viewpoints. Just as I’m getting used to one voice or liking one particular character, we jump to someone else who maybe only shows up once or twice more in the story. Hmm, I don’t really like that.

What else? Well I did catch up on the latest Bitch magazine and for those of you who love sci/fi, check it out as there’s an Q&A with Ursula K. Le Guin. One fo these days I must read something by her.

Also have you heard of guerrilla poetry? Check out Broadsided and see how you can help put out art and literature on the streets. I love this idea and promise to do some of it myself as soon as I’m back from vacation.

Okay I’m off to finish Testimony.

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