A Bit of Murder

I had a good time tonight visiting with one of my girlfriends and attending our mystery book group. The book, A Corpse in the Koryo, was pretty much given a thumbs down by everyone – click on the title for more of my thoughts. I didn’t like it either but maybe next month’s book will be better.

What are we reading? In march it will be Dope by Sara Gran and for April we’ll read Real Murders by Charlaine Harris.

Our book group leader also shared with us the 20 Rules for Writing Detective Stories and while some of the rules are outdated (these were put together in 1936) some I think still hold true for whodunits. For example, rule #3 is no fun, I don’t mind a bit of romance in the mysteries but #7 is good. A murder mystery needs a corpse. Anyway those are fun so check them out and see what you think.

Now I’m off to read late into the night in hopes of finishing my Tuesday book group book.

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