A Bit Mysterious

I just got back from my mystery book group meeting where we discussed In the Woods by Tana French. I was expecting that this one would be a crowd pleaser but it was actually not. Perhaps even one of the most disappointing reads for most of the members.

I didn’t re-read it for the discussion but I do know that I loved this book when I read it several years ago, you can see my review here. It was still an entertaining discussion, even if I had to struggle to remember a lot of the details of the book.

Moving on, our September read is Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker. After that we’ll be reading: Man From Beijing by Henning Mankell, Sister by Rosamund Lupton and Deceit by Brandilyn Collins. I’m glad that the Mankell book is a stand-alone as I’ve only read a couple of his Wallander books and would hate to read out of order.

Anyway, all this talk of mysteries though is making me want to start reading one but I’ve been reading one book at a time lately and I think I’ll stick with my current read for now.

So, how about you, have you read any good mysteries lately?

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