.8 Miles

That’s right, not even a mile away from my apartment is a Half Price Bookstore. You know how much I love HPB and now I can even walk to one! Granted, my walking is going to be limited to either early in the morning or late in the day as the temps are inching closer and closer to 100 every day.

But, back to HPB. I decided to stop there today instead of going to the public library as I’m still waiting on my new driver’s license and I need that before I can get my library card. I was hoping to find Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton for the next Slaves discussion but no luck. I’ve actually looked for this one in several bookstores and nothing. I know I can easily order it online but now I almost feel like I’m on a quest to find this at a bookstore. Heh.

I did find Cruddy by Lynda Barry at HPB so it was still a successful visit. I adored One Hundred Demons by Barry and have been wanting to read something else by her. This seems like it will be a good one. Anyone read it?

Finally, two things you should check out. Nymeth is hosting the latest Bookworms Carnival. It is a treasure trove of all things Fairy Tale. And, Megan at Po(sey) Sessions just announced Teen Tuesday. You won’t want to miss either of those!

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