I did get to stay home from work (yea!) and finished cataloguing my new books in Bookpedia. I have 531 unread books. Why do I keep going to the library if I have so many books yet to read?

It’s been fun to see the books and organize them again. So many get stuck in the back of the shelves and I forget about them. As I’ve been going through each book sometimes I wonder why a particular one sounded so interesting in the first place. And, others I must have really wanted to read because I have duplicate copies of them.

Some of you asked me about Bookpedia. I know LibraryThing is a popular tool for cataloguing books and I like the the community feel to it. I guess the biggest reason why I went with Bookpedia is because I can download my library and/or wishlist to my iPod. Which I hope means, no more duplicate copies. Perhaps you can do that with LibraryThing too though.

Next I will be switching my wishlist (currently an excel spreadsheet) to Bookpedia and cataloguing the books I have read and are a part of my collection. I can tell there is much work ahead.