Today I got my copy of 52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity by Jeffrey Yamaguchi. If you’ve never visited the web site for 52 Projects, I highly recommend it. Like it says in the book, it’s an eclectic collection of offbeat, exploratory, artistic projects. Whether you are suffering from creative block or want to experiment with a new medium/format this is great for jumpstarting your creativity.

As you can gather from my blog next to my love of reading is my enjoyment of crafty stuff, mainly bookbinding. Lately I’ve been doing Artist Trading Cards and playing with oil crayons, chalks and other random things. I’m hoping this book will inspire me to try some new things that I can incorporate into my current projects, or maybe I’ll find something else to delve into.

Here’s a project from the book that would appeal to any bookworm. Write several letters, go to the library or a used bookstore and place the letters in some books. The letters can be about anything and to anyone but keep them anonymous.

I love that because next to finding a great book at the used bookstore, isn’t it a special treat to find a note, an inscription or item left behind that clues you into the person who owned it before you?