50 Writers

Did you guys see The Telegraph’s article of the 50 Crime Writers to Read Before You Die? I love these lists. I usually can only cross off a handful but I like the lists because I can keep adding more writers to my TBR list.

This one is no exception either as of the 50 writers they mention I have only read nine and here I am thinking I’m such a mystery fan. The list seems to be a good mix of classics and modern. You’ll see Edgar Allan Poe and Wilkie Collins along with Ruth Rendell and Denise Mina.

There are some writers I’ve always wanted to read; such as, Walter Mosely and G.K. Chesterton. And, then there are some writers I’ve never heard of, Ronald Knox and Kyril Bonfiglioli for example.

Of course I started thinking of which characters or books they missed. If I were to add some must read detectives on the list I’m sure I’d add Maisie Dobbs, Det. Inspector John Rebus, and Inspector Richard Jury to name a few. Who would you add to the list?

Well this has definitely got me in a mystery mood so I’m off to reconnect with another character I enjoy, Detective William Murdoch from Maureen Jenning’s historical mystery series set in Canada. I just picked up Poor Tom Is Cold which is the third book in the series.

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