20 Random Facts

Kisane tagged in the “Name 20 Random Things About You” game. So here it goes:

1. I was born in Mexico
2. English is my second language
3. I’ve studied French, Italian and German. Sadly, not fluent in any of them
4. I’m focusing on the German now for obvious reasons*
5. I used to play the violin
6. I love to wear high heels
7. I’m addicted to taking continuing education classes
8. I love to travel
9. I’m an only child
10. Halloween is my favorite holiday
11. I hope to live in Europe one day
12. I don’t cook
13. I’m a bit of a pack rat
14. My favorite childhood fairy tale was Rumpelstiltskin
15. I’m a night-owl
16. My favorite foods are Tex-Mex and Italian
17. I wish I could draw
18. I would like to learn how to dance flamenco
19. I haven’t worn a watch in years
20. My dad passed away 4 years ago. I miss him every day.

Now, I’m tagging Scully, Danielle and Claire.