It’s Time

Tonight I’m starting Don Quixote and like I sometimes do, I am also choosing the perfect bookmark to go along with my book. What, you don’t do that? I am sure a lot of you do. Right? Not every book gets a special bookmark to go along with it but this is Don Quixote we are talking about.

The soft leather bookmark I’m using comes from Guanajuato, Mexico. I bought it when I was there on vacation years ago. I remember wanting to bring back as many souvenirs as possible from this gorgeous colonial city so the bookmark I bought has an image of a famous landmark. Now you are probably wondering what does Guanajuato have to do with Don Quixote?

Well, each year the city puts on the Festival Internacional Cervantino, a festival in honor of Miguel de Cervantes. Since it’s inception in 1972 the 19 day long festival honors the tradition of theater, arts, music, dance, and literature, and it has become an important cultural event. I haven’t made it back to Guanajuato since that trip but I have promised myself that one of these days I will go back, and maybe I’ll even make it the festival.

Here’s a picture of Guanajuato. Isn’t it beautiful?


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