Monthly Archive:: June 2007


I started reading The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad earlier this week. It’s not normally a book I’d choose but it’s the July choice for one of my book groups. It started off okay but after about twenty pages I really wanted to give up on it. Normally I would have but ...Read More


I came home today to new books, Good Poems for Hard Times and Sleepless Nights (which is for the next Slaves discussion). Of course that didn’t stop me from having a bit of a book splurge tonight. After all two books hardly counts right? So I finally ordered some books from The ...Read More

Library Holds

I’ve been doing very good about reading books mainly from my stacks but I got notice that two new library books were being held for me so I had to go get them. They sound so good and I’ve been waiting for them but do I stop reading my other books? Hmm, ...Read More