Monthly Archive:: July 2004

She’s Star Girl

It’s been a busy week at BookGirl’s home, what with family in town, so luckily Star Girl comes to the rescue. Star Girl, is one of my bookish friends. Star Girl Reports – BookGirl and I met at a book club in the early 1990s. Although I now live about 600 miles ...Read More

The $34 Cup of Coffee Day

I am sure every bookworm can relate to the “just one more chapter” syndrome. This is present when the reader insists on staying up way past their bedtime to get in another chapter, and results in a zombie-like appearance/behavior the next day. On a positive note there is a definite sense of ...Read More

No Surprises Here

I read quite a lot of mysteries, these often being my comfort books, but the one thing I am quite picky about is, that if it’s a series I’m reading then I have to start from the beginning. I want to see the character development, and I want to be “in” on ...Read More