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The Tenant

“Gregers fought with all the strength he no longer had and fell helplessly into the women’s apartment, landing hard on the floor. Not with a bang but with a thud – the pathetic sound of an elderly man’s diminished body in a flannel bathrobe.” ...Read More

Too Close to Breathe

“There hadn’t been a suicide note. The victim remains resolutely tight-lipped, stone-cold silent; the best and the worst witness of her end. A note would allow mourners to hold on to something. Assert blame. Be angry at what’s written… Even so, I imagine I ...Read More


“He had to inhale some fresh air, but to buzz down the electric windows he would first have to switch on the ignition. If he switched on the ignition, the headlamps would come on automatically and most probably ruin everything.” Faithless By Kjell Ola ...Read More