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Spotlight: Fierce Little Thing

“Written in beautiful prose…Captivating, thoughtful, and tense, a great read for those who enjoy psychological thrillers and complex puzzles. Highly recommended.” —New York Journal Review of Books Fierce Little Thing By Miranda Beverly-Whittemore Genre: Fiction/Psychological Thriller Paperback, 352 pages Available July 27, 2021 from ...Read More

Spotlight: The Temple House Vanishing

“The creeping pace, melancholic tone, and full-bodied characters create a perfect snapshot of desperate youth amid oppressive tradition. This stands among the best of the current modern gothic trend.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review) “Donohue is a master of clean, sharp prose, and has ...Read More

The Girl I Used to Be

“I’d just been accepted by London University and would be there within a month. Whenever I hear that song now, it takes me straight back there, to that taxi ride to Alex’s house. It’s as though I am that girl, the girl I used ...Read More