footnotes-chicago-2005-01So what’s down this street? Armed with my map, I would walk out of the hotel in a new direction. That’s how I found some neat coffee houses and fancy shops.

footnotes-chicago-2005-02Just one of the many views from the brown line.

footnotes-chicago-2005-03Was I supposed to take the Brown Line North? Riding the El was so much fun. It was a great way to explore new neighborhoods.

footnotes-chicago-2005-04There were a couple of times I found myself racing up the rickety stairs to catch the El.

footnotes-chicago-2005-05Just another view of beautiful Chicago

footnotes-chicago-2005-06Good enough hotel just don’t stay in room 706. It’s next to the only ice and soda machines on three floors.

footnotes-chicago-2005-07More than 150 authors and 120 booksellers were on hand for the book fair.

footnotes-chicago-2005-08Who says you can’t find a book for just about everyone?

footnotes-chicago-2005-09So many books to choose from

footnotes-chicago-2005-10I’d like one of each please

footnotes-chicago-2005-11No fair, Chicago has a four story Borders.

footnotes-chicago-2005-12This store has a wonderful selection of papers for all of your bookbinding and craft project needs.

footnotes-chicago-2005-13I found this on my walk to the Chicago Center for Book Arts. Don’t you just want to know what book he’s reading?

footnotes-chicago-2005-14These are just some of the handmade books on exhibit at the Center for Book Arts.

footnotes-chicago-2005-15Another beautiful paper project.

footnotes-chicago-2005-16This paper dress may come in handy when you want to write down the name of a book and don’t have your notebook with you.

footnotes-chicago-2005-17Another example of book arts.

footnotes-chicago-2005-18Is this what they mean when they say characters jump out at you?

footnotes-chicago-2005-19Located on Michigan Avenue, this little cafe has some yummy pastries and a great atmosphere. You are surrounded by books.

footnotes-chicago-2005-20Great indie bookstore specializing in architecture and design books.