Where I Read

Recently I was asked where’s my favorite place to read. I wish I could say I had a comfy reading chair and a oh so cozy home library but alas a lot of my reading is done in bed. I do like to read in a coffee shop because you’ve got coffee and treats so that’s perfect but a lot of the time there is too much noise I’m likely to get distracted.

I started thinking about the perfect reading chair and how I need/want one, and I even found this old article on finding the perfect chair. I looked through it and a lot of the chairs are not made anymore but there were some cool new models.

So far my favorite is this one from Pottery Barn. Isn’t it pretty? In Cordovan Velvet, of course. Granted, my problem is where do I fit in the chair? I need to get rid of some books to make room – ha,ha…

For now, I’m off to my bed to do some reading. If you have a great reading chair let me know.