What I Found

Here’s what I came away with on my recent visit to Half Price Books:

  • What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman. I wasn’t sure if I had this book but at only $1 I couldn’t pass it up. If I do have it I can always share it with someone from my mystery book group.
  • A Legacy by Sybille Bedford.
  • Blood Orange by Drusilla Campbell.
  • Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn. I remember this book catching my attention first because I liked it’s cover.
  • Faith by Jennifer Haigh. I really enjoyed her book Baker Towers so I hope this one will be an equally good read.

I can’t believe I got all of this bounty for $5. Good stuff. Let me know if you’ve read one of these and what you thought.

I’m making it an early night because I’ve had to take some allergy medicine and I am feeling sleepy. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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