What Do U Think?

How would you like to receive text messages with summaries from classic texts? 2B? NTB? That translates in Hamlet’s soliloquy of “to be or not to be.” Sorry, but I think I’ll pass on this idea.

Anyway, my reads for the week have been The Serpent in the Garden by Janet Gleeson and Sugar Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke. The Gleeson book is entertaining although it’s not as captivating a read as I had hoped. I’m nearing the end and should be finished by tomorrow.

Now, the Sugar Cookie book is, well, half of the book is recipes! For someone who doesn’t cook this does not bode well. In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t pick that book. This happens to be the December choice for my mystery book group.

I’m most troubled by the fact that for our December meeting we also bring treats to share and this time we are supposed to use one of the recipes in the book. I guess no one noticed the last two years I’ve been bringing in a platter from the Whole Foods store next door to the bookstore. Sigh.