Weekend Treats

All week I’ve been complaining about how my commute has been even worse thanks to SXSW but the one good thing about the festival is that at least I got to see the Flatstock 29 poster show. We went early on Saturday and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Cafe Crepe. Crepes and cappuccino. Yum. And, then on to the show.

I saw some great gig posters and was looking for something for my studio walls. I have yet to really decorate my studio so when I saw this small poster, I knew it was the one.

Isn’t it great? It’s from Standard Deluxe. I haven’t found the right spot for it yet but will soon.

This weekend we also went back to Borders and I found a few more books which I’ll tell you about in another post because my studio/library is a bit of a mess right now and old books are mixing in with new books. So when I sort them I’ll share the goodies I’ve bought.

And, in reading news I did finish Tales From the Yoga Studio by Rain Mitchell. I’ve put my practice on hold for a couple of months while my shoulder continues to heal so I really miss my classes and it was nice to at least read about yoga even if the characters in the book seem to have a more athletic yoga practice. Lots of sweating and sleek bodies mentioned and I can tell you that I focus more on what yoga does for my mental well being than for my figure. Anyway review to come soon.

So a busy but fun weekend. How was yours? Hopefully filled with a lot of good times.

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