Weekend Reading Report

Can you believe I didn’t go to the bookstore this weekend? It’s rare I don’t get my bookstore fix so I think I’ll have to go sometime during the week so I won’t feel off or something.

I did start a new book though even though I told myself I couldn’t start a new one but I got a notice from my library that the due date is coming up and I can’t renew it so I started The Last Child by John Hart. So far I know that a young girl disappeared and although it’s been more than a year her twin brother still believes she’s alive and is doing what he can to bring her home.

I also spent way too much time following a forum thread on Etsy because someone said they didn’t like to read, didn’t see the point in it and had never read a book. Yes, you can understand why I’d follow that trying to comprehend how this could be!

Do you know people who don’t like to read? Are you close with them? I do know people who don’t like to read but I have to say most of my close friends are readers. I don’t expect people to read lots but I do think it’s sad if people never pick up a book.

Anyway that’s a bit of news from my world. What’s going on with you?

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