Weekend Plans

This weekend I was planning to spend some time organizing our apartment, as we are having family visit us in a couple of weeks, but Stefanie reminded me that Half Price Books is having their Labor Day Sale so organizing can wait for a few more days right? I mean who can pass up a book sale!

womaninwhite.jpgWell, that’s not all I’m doing. I am planning to spend some quality time with The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins which I am loving so far. I honestly think it was due to a lot of bloggers who always mentioned Wilkie Collins that I wanted to read something by him and so far I have not been disappointed with the story. I love the atmosphere and how I am in suspense of what comes next.

Also, as part of the R.I.P. Challenge I wanted to read some short stories so I’ve gone back to DailyLit and just signed up for Famous Modern Ghost Stories. I don’t know that I’ll read all in the series but I think it’ll be fun to read a couple of stories this way. I had been doing so well with my short story reading earlier in the year, I really miss that so it’ll be nice get back to reading some shorts.

And, I did say I wanted to go to the bookstore this weekend to catch up on more magazine reading so that’s still part of my plan. Anyway, I hope your weekend is filled with some bookish goodness as well.

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