Undercover Agents

weatherI hope you’ve all had a great weekend. We’ve had a lot of rain here in Austin which is very welcome. And, it looks like there is a lot more rain coming our way this week. I wish the temps would be a bit cooler even but I will take low 90s compared to 100s. Our garden is looking great with lots of rock roses and our two red sage bushes are growing a lot. I’m already looking forward to the Wildflower Center’s Fall plant sale so we can get some more plants for the garden.

Anyway, this weekend has been all about undercover agents. We went to see Jason Bourne on Saturday and that was entertaining. I’ve liked the first two movies best but I think one of the things I like most about these movies are the foreign locations. In this latest movie there is one scene where the main character is at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof and I’m like, I’ve been there! Haha…

Oddly enough though, I realize that I don’t like to read too much about spies. I love mysteries but spy thrillers aren’t really my favorite. I think I prefer them on the big screen. So although I’ve been dedicating my reading this weekend to The Shanghai Factor for my mystery book group, I keep looking at other books I would rather be reading. I will finish it and actually I’m looking forward to the book group discuss to see what the others made of this book.

The other thing I was able to finally finish this weekend was my Mixbook. Last year I put together a photo album from our vacation in Vancouver and I really liked how it turned out so I wanted to make a book for our vacation in The Netherlands this year.

Alright it’s back to the spy book for me for now. I hope you have a great start of the week and tell me how your weekend was.

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