Tuesdays To Die For

I just came home from a very fun evening with my mystery book group. We discussed Black Fly Season by Giles Blunt, which received mainly favorable reviews by everyone (my review to come). I will say for now that I really liked it and would like to go back to the beginning of the series and learn more about the main character. I believe this book is the third in the series.

Anyway we also got to nominate and vote on our upcoming reads and I’m very excited about most of the choices. I was chit-chatting though and didn’t catch the order of when we’ll read the books but in the next few months we’ll be reading books by Andrea Camilleri, Craig Johnson, Colin Cotterill, and Per Wahloo & Maj Sjowall.

Our next two reads are Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith for March and The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny for April. Of course I’m most excited about the Penny book as I’m a big fan of Inspector Gamache and have been looking forward to this book.

All this talk about mysteries makes me want to start another one right now but I also really want to start Outlander. Oh well, I’ll tell you later which book I started.

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