TSS: Pass Them On

TSSbadge4.pngHello Sunday Saloners and everyone! I woke up this morning and lounged in bed for a while drinking my milk and reading another story from the Pen/O.Henry Prize Stories collection. The Nursery by Kristen Sundberg Lunstrum had a good premise: A teenage boy dies while wrestling and the boy who was his opponent is suspended from school pending the investigation. The story explores how the lives of the survivor and his mother are changed after the incident.

I liked the story, didn’t love it but did find it quite sad actually. This book is due back at the library soon but I’m hoping to read at least another story.

Now we are going out for some breakfast tacos (I know it’s past noon!) and maybe we’ll even catch a movie but I’m planning to do some visiting later today. In the meantime I wanted to leave you with two books I’m passing on.

The first one is The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny. I loved this book (review coming soon). The other one is Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel by Boris Akunin. This was my DNF book I talked about recently but hopefully someone will enjoy it more. So if you are interested, leave me a comment, tell me which one you’d like and I’ll do a drawing in the next few days.

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