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I wanted to post last night but just as I was sitting down at my computer to do some blog visiting and writing I heard a knock at our door and surprise, I have family in town! So exciting to see my two cousins who I haven’t seen in about eight months. I knew they were coming but wasn’t sure of the timing. I did have to go to work today but now it’s the weekend and we can catch up on chatting and shopping.

Originally I was going to do a post on a bunch of ARCs that have been arriving but then the news broke about Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He is one of my favorite authors and one of literature’s greats. I think I’ve often mentioned that Love In the Time of Cholera is one of my all-time favorite books, which I’ve read a couple of times and you know me I don’t do a lot of re-reads, but I also have another favorite GGM book, Strange Pilgrims.

A bit of an odd choice for me as I don’t gravitate to short stories but this collection I first heard of during a reading I went to at a Border’s Bookstore. It was a reading about favorite love stories and poems and one person chose Sleeping Beauty and the Airplane from this collection. I fell in love and promptly had to get the book.

Here’s the opening to the story:

“She was beautiful and lithe, with soft skin the color of bread and eyes like green almonds, and she had straight black hair that reached to her shoulders, and an aura of antiquity that could just as well have been Indonesian as Andean. She was dressed with subtle taste: a lynx jacket, a raw silk blouse with very delicate flowers, natural linen trousers, and shoes with a narrow stripe the color of bougainvillea.”

What wonderful imagery right? Anyway, if you haven’t read this collection, I highly recommend it. I still have several of his books that I have not read yet so maybe it’s time to pick one up.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Easter Greetings to you!

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