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I have to tell you something funny that happened on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t typically celebrate it in a big way. This year I thought it would be fun to surprise my husband with some German chocolates. So guess my surprise when he presented me with a bag and it was filled with the same German chocolates! Ha, ha… We had a good laugh and now we’ve got lots of yummy stuff. Needless to say, I headed off to the gym today.

On the reading front I put aside all of my books in progress to focus on I Will Have Vengeance by Maurizio de Giovanni, which is my book group read. I was expecting something a bit more gritty being that it’s part of the World Noir series but it’s not. Our main character is a tortured soul that’s for sure but there’s something about this story that doesn’t make me immediately think of noir. Which is not to say this book isn’t a great read. It is. Anyway, I should have it read in time for Tuesday’s discussion.

I also had a coupon for Half Price Books but unfortunately I didn’t find anything that I had to have. The couple of books that I really wanted they didn’t have so can you believe I left without buying anything? That’s ok, I sort of made up for it when I got home as I ordered The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I keep hearing about this book everywhere and I must read it.

Oh and I just read an article today in our local newspaper about the emergence of literary magazines in Austin. I must find some of these!  So that’s the scoop around here. I have a bunch of new ARCs to tell you about but I really want to get back to my book for now so more on those soon.

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