This & That

It’s the weekend and it’s also the start of my holiday break from work. YAY! The last few weeks have been crazy busy at work so needless to say I’m very happy to have some downtime to look forward to.

First though I still have to finish some Christmas shopping, catching up with friends, and some holiday decorating. I better make a list if I’m going to get to all of my to-dos. Maybe I’ll do that tonight while we spend some quality time at the bookstore! Ooh and I have a coupon so I think a treat is in order.

I also haven’t forgotten that I told you I was going to join in some challenges. I think I’ve made my selections so I promise to tell you about those soon!

So just a quick post to say happy weekend everyone and more book talk soon. Tell me what you are up to and what good stuff you are reading this weekend.

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