This & That

Over the next few days I’m going to come up with my favorite reads of the year and my year in review. It’s always so much fun to do that isn’t it? I don’t make resolutions but next year I may be doing some things a bit differently so I’ll let you know what I’m up to.

I really would like to finish up some reviews before the start of the new year but I’ve fallen very behind and I have five books to review so who knows if I’ll get to them. I really want to though because these past few books have all been great and you need to put them on your to be read list.

This week I have my mystery book group on Tuesday but I gave up on the book so luckily we meet up at a restaurant so I’ll just enjoy my dessert while everyone talks about the book. Haha. I would skip the meeting but we also trade books and I don’t want to miss that.

What else, oh yes, I did start a new book, Ravens by George Dawes Green and it is good but I don’t know that it’s exactly what I was looking for so I may just go with something else tonight. I’ll let you know if I change books. And, yes, still reading just one book at a time for now.

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off to go shopping with my mom. Wish us luck. I can’t stand all the traffic and crowds. Thank goodness I went to a restorative yoga class tonight. Off to read and relax to get ready for tomorrow.

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