This & That

I had a very nice weekend and managed to accomplish quite a bit. I continued creating some and I feel good about how my preparations are going so far for the studio tour but of course I’ve never done anything like this so who knows. I can imagine that I may be running around quite a bit on Saturday doing last minute things.

Sunday I managed to step away and meet up with Carin and her book group. We discussed The Gates by John Connolly which I think for the most part most members seemed to enjoy. I loved the book group. Everyone was very welcoming and we shared quite a few laughs so I am looking forward to joining again.

Lately I have been sticking with just one book and not my usual 4-5 books I juggle. I’ve had a lot of DNFs this year and I think this is actually helping me figure out right away whether I want to stick with the book or not. I miss not having several books on-going but with my current limited time I think this works best.

friendoffamily.jpgSo what am I reading right now? A Friend of the Family by Lauren Grodstein. From a blurb: “A riveting story in the tradition of The Ice Storm, American Beauty, and Little Children, charting a father’s fall from grace as he struggles to save his family, his reputation, and himself.”

I’ve just started this and can already see the warning red flags for some of the characters.

And, before I forget, I’m participating in Eco-Libris Green Books Campaign this week. Can’t wait to tell you about the book so stay tuned.

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