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I think the heat has gotten to me over the weekend as I’ve been feeling a bit run-down today. So needless to say, most of the day I’ve just been lazing about with books, the AC going non-stop and lots to drink. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit more energized tomorrow to get stuff done. I’ve got book reviews to write, books to make and all that good stuff.

In any event, I realized that the Once Upon A Time Challenge III is over. How did time fly by? I didn’t do as well with the challenge this year as I had in the past but I still read two books. Starfinder by John Marco was a wonderful YA book and I know I’ll be looking for the next book in the Skylords series.

The other book I finished which I never got around to reviewing was Bloody Good by Georgia Evans. The story takes place in a sleepy hamlet outside London where the countryside is infiltrated by Nazis and they are vampires! I was expecting to really enjoy the story but I was a bit put off by a lot of other supernatural happenings. I only expected the vampires but there were other “interesting” characters. I may check out more of the series but am in no rush. If you want to read other reviews about the book I know that Melody and Anna recently reviewed this one.

So even though I didn’t do as well with the challenge as I hoped I still had a great time expanding my reading horizons. Thank you again to Carl V. for hosting!

Now, it’s back to relaxing for me and more book talk soon.

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